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Dr. Donald Jones

I have had chronic neck and lower back pain for many years. I am a former Marine, Pittsburgh police officer and a mother of two; this caused a lot of wear and tear to my body. I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, arthritis and herniated discs. These issues lead to chronic pain, fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome. I had received chiropractic care, medication, and steroid injections for my chronic pain. I recently moved from Pittsburgh to Houston and needed to continue chiropractic care. I was shopping in the area and noticed Dr. Jones' office. After checking my insurance online I schedule an appointment. Dr. Jones evaluated my condition, explained his treatment plan as well as helped me understand my insurance coverage. Dr. Jones worked initially to reduce my pain with therapy, but quickly moved me into a rehabilitation program to help recondition my muscles. This enabled me to increase my activities without increasing my pain. When I first began treatment I was suffering daily with extreme pain. Now, depending on my activity level I have fewer days where the pain stops me from doing the things I like to do. Dr. Jones was very thorough in his understanding of my condition, his treatment plan and predicted outcome. Since relocating here, I feel very fortunate to have the quality of care and treatment that I have received with Dr. Jones and his staff. They have become like family and I am very happy to recommend him to my friends and family.

-- Michele M.

Ouch! As he diagnosed my initial complaint of lower back pain, Dr. Jones asked about my neck mobility. It is fine I thought; I have my grandfather's neck. He showed me the difference between his neck mobility and my own. I remembered a car wreck jarring my neck a decade ago. Dr. Jones treated both my lower back and neck. On my drive home, I noticed new businesses along my daily route, cars in my blind spot and kids bicycling on the sidewalk. Had they always been there? I could rotate my neck like an owl and our neighborhood was a little safer that day. Months later, I received a cancer diagnosis and quickly learned from M. D. Anderson Cancer Center what a good doctor looks like. Cancer magnified my peripheral health needs. I needed better, more experienced doctors who could treat my more complicated overall situation. One by one, I looked at all of my doctors - primary care, dental, gyn, eye, chiropractic and podiatry. One by one, I found more experienced doctors. 

Except one. Dr. Jones is the only doctor I kept through cancer. He can diagnose and treat a forgotten neck injury as thoroughly as more complicated side effects of cancer treatment. He rose to the occasion.  

Now, if I can just get him to go on a backpacking trip with me. 

-- Dawn S.


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    Kevin B.
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