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Chronic Stress-Related Pain in Spring, TX

Do you feel like every single day you get some sort of tension headache brought on by the stress of your day? Do you have chronic pain that is further triggered by anxiety or stress? Chiropractic care could provide the tension relief that you deserve. Let us at Omni Health and Wellness in The Woodlands and Spring, Texas, create a chiropractic care plan for your chronic pain.

Omni Health & Wellness Stress Related Pain

Tension Relief for Chronic Pain from Headaches

Did you know that your tension headache is often caused by stress that could be treated with chiropractic care? These types of headaches can cause muscle tightness and soreness, as well as pain in your neck. When your muscles and joints are tight, the pain can become even more severe. By having a chiropractor perform routine adjustments and physical therapy, you will have tension relief and can help prevent some of these headaches. 

Chronic Pain Caused by Poor Posture

If you sit at a desk all day or are standing on your feet for hours on end, you might have some chronic pain in your neck or back. If you are looking down at a keyboard or your phone most of the time, your neck will eventually grow accustomed to holding that position and could even lose its natural curve. If you are standing for an entire shift, it is important to see how you distribute your weight. Sometimes, we have a tendency to stand more on our heels, which can create a large amount of pressure in our lower back. A chiropractor can give you the tools, guidance, and exercises to relieve tension and prevent your chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Caused by Preexisting Conditions

Conditions like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and others give many people chronic pain. This can cause stress, both mental and physical, which could in turn cause your spine to compensate. If you have shoulder pain on one side of your body, you could be causing more tension on the other side. If you are limping on your right leg, chances are the left side of your body is reacting. This is stressful for many reasons. What a chiropractor can do is help you prevent additional stress to both your brain and back, and help provide comfort and tension relief so your condition is more tolerable.

Come see us at Omni Health and Wellness in The Woodlands and Spring Texas today for tension relief from chronic pain and stress. Call to schedule an appointment at 832-525-8478.





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