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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Dr. Donald E. Jones II and I have been licensed in the state of Texas since 1995. My introduction to the chiropractic profession was after a chiropractor treated my wife for injuries from an automobile accident. It was intriguing to me to see his ability to improve her condition without medication and by adjusting her spine while using physical therapy to decrease her muscle spasms.

I had been contemplating a change in profession, as I was a respiratory therapist working at Methodist hospital at the time. My undergraduate training was at San Jacinto Junior College in Pasadena, Texas where I completed course requirements for my Associates Degree in respiratory therapy. I completed my doctorate training at Texas Chiropractic College. As part of my training I participated in an orthopedic and neurosurgical rotation at local area hospitals. My post-graduate education continued with certification in Activator Technique, J-Tech certification for job site analysis and functional capacity evaluations. I have also completed the Red Cross Protect Your Back Certification program and am now certified as a protect your back instructor. I'm a former member of the Texas Chiropractic Alumni Association, Texas Chiropractic Association and currently in the process of becoming a member of the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce.

My practice style would be classified as one that focuses on patient education with caring and compassion for the patient's condition and how it may be affecting their life and relationships. One of my goals, in addition to reducing or eliminating the patient's pain, is to educate the patient on things that they can do at home for a better long-term outcome after treatment. My belief is that when you educate the patient on things that they can do at home including stretching exercises, home and/or gym strengthening exercises as well as nutritional information they become less dependent on medications while improving their overall health and fitness. My training includes multiple techniques in helping to adjust/manipulate the spine. The main method is called the diversified technique, which is a manual type of adjustment that feels like you are being stretched to the point of tension/stress and then a gentle push is used to move the joint. Another technique is the Thompson drop table technique. This is a low force technique using a small lift piece built into the table to aid in adjusting the spine with very little pressure. This technique could be used for a patient who has a new injury with extensive muscle spasms that may not allow for typical diversified manipulation or for the elderly patient with possible osteoporosis or other bone softening disorder. I am also activator certified. The activator is a small hand-held spring-loaded device that can be adjusted to perform a specific amount of low force pressure to adjust specific vertebra. This technique can also be used for a new injury or elderly patients. In treating many different types of injuries including sports related, work related and automobile accident related injuries as well as chronic and degenerative conditions, it is my hope to help as many people as possible.



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